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Dear My Elder Sister

  My sister who i respect n my beloved sister. Thanks you very much cause you always give support and   motivation everytime and everywhere. I’m very greatefull cause i have sister like you. Altough you often make  me angry, fighting with me. But i know allof thing that you do have a reason. the reason to make me better, brave, succes than before

I remembered when i was still 6 year, you always ask to me to study, to pray,. But I often didn’t do that.Before I like playing better than studying. You always angry with me when I didn’t what you ask, but long time i aware that I need study, need pray to change our life.

One story that I would not forget and i wil always remember it, You always hit me when i didn’t want to go mosque.When I was at junior High School, you had message to the theacer, that I would study at Junior high school who my sister studied before. So when i was entered to the junior high school almast theacer and senior knew who was I.

You always give advice become  brave to everyone, and you were a people who support me become Osis leader. so at that time I was so femous, many theacers and many friends knew who was I. I  had mede me also often got achievement, I always got 3 big  rank at my school.  I though you are everything that make me better.

Thank you very much my sister you had made better, thinking old, and thinking  large. i don’t know what would be happen if you didn’t give me support and motivation..


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